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Take control of your target market and audience when you introduce a proper online advertising strategy. Businesses are now aware that it is not enough to hand out a flyer, brochure or even business cards. They are not only expensive, but they also give poor results. Choosing to advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram or across thousands of independent websites will open the door to attracting new leads and finding new customers for your business.

Target Your Next Ad Campaign

  • Display ads by zip code
  • Display ads by city radius
  • Display ads by state radius
  • Display ads based on gender
  • Display ads based on mobile device
  • Display ads based on purchase history
  • … and a million other combinations

Speed – Page 1 Overnight

One benefit of online advertising is the fact that you are able to get in front of your customer and get immediate feedback. This is good because you will be able to improve on your product or service in a timely manner. With online advertising, you can get on the first page of Google and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you will also be able to make improvements on the spot. You can measure almost everything online.

Affordable and No Overhead

Online Advertising is Cost Effective – there is a huge gap between advertising online and other forms of traditional advertising in terms of cost implications. Traditional advertising is costly while online advertising is just a fraction of the amount needed to pay for a TV commercial.

Advertising online is cheap and it is results-accountable. All you have to do is build a site as opposed to paying huge amounts for billboards, television and print advertising.

On the internet, you can advertise at a lesser cost for a much wider audience. In traditional advertising, you have to pay upfront and in full whereas to advertising agencies, regardless of the results. In online advertising, however, you only spend on qualified clicks, leads or impressions.

Reach and Targeting

Internet tools and search engines have become very intelligent these days that you can easily search for a specific item and get the exact item in response to your search query. So, if you post an advertisement for one of your services or products and have added all the details in your description of your ad, chances are you will get qualified responses because your ads are reaching the intended market.

In traditional advertising, your information is accessed by everyone; including those who do not need the product. Internet marketing targets specific traffic sources for your messages.

Local and GeoSpecific

The traditional advertisement could only be distributed locally, as a result, your advertisement could reach only local consumers who lived in the area. The Internet has no restrictions. Your advertising campaigns get global coverage, which helps you reach more audiences. This will always improve your bottom line.

Result Management & Analysis

Online advertising is easier to measure and track. Like which campaigns work, and which ones don’t. Unlike traditional advertising, there are analytics and tools specifically designed to measure the results of a campaign. This is not possible when you are advertising offline. It is hard to measure results in the offline world.

Online advertising is easy to measure, this helps you know if you are on course and how to improve on the market performance.

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