Responsive Web Design

Content is king. But it is meaningless if it doesn’t reach your target audience who are happily engaged to their mobile phones and leaving the desktops behind. Responsive web design makes it work together! From tablet, iPhone, iPad to all kinds of smartphones, responsive design makes everything work together for good!

Mobile Users – Reach and Target

According to a recent survey by Pew Research, roughly one-third (35%) of Americans ages 16 or above admitted that they own a tablet computer, which is twice the amount of tablet owners than a year ago (17%). If you are still undecided, or reluctant to move into the digital space, then there is no better time to act. There is an urgent need to take advantage of the different aspects of mobile technology in order to remain competitive.

The survey also suggested that those who have e-reading devices like Kindles and Nooks have grown to 24%. Overall, the number of people who have a tablet or an e-book reader among those 16 and older now stands at 43%. Chances are your target audience is more comfortable with the smaller, more convenient smart phone and therefore you should pay more attention to this fact. Eventually you will need to integrate a mobile friendly website into your strategic marketing  plan. Having a thorough understanding of your target market and what type of mobile device they own can help you to maximize your reach.

Increase Sales, Conversions, Phone Calls

These latest figures suggest that your web strategy can be adjusted to reach your target users as well as others looking for your products. With the creation of enhanced campaigns in the search engines, you can now create or adapt campaigns to reach mobile device users. You can decide on whether you want to only appear on smartphone searches, tablet searches or more, allowing for your company to reach the device most preferred by your target demographic.

Save Money on Mobile Development

It’s true that it takes more time and money to create a responsive site as compared to a conventional site. But then you are spared the need to create separate sites for smartphones and other devices. That ultimately reduces the overall expenditure. Having a responsive web design is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Google Loves Responsive User Experience

Google Searches give preferential treatment to sites that are mobile-friendly. That’s one of the reasons Responsive web design has come to stay. Websites do not only need to have quality content; the platform the content is posted on needs to be completely functional. The best content is irrelevant if mobile device users cannot view it. Content can be modified to be more mobile-friendly. It is very important that users can easily access quality content from a small screen on a smartphone.

Your Competition is doing it.

Every forward looking business now has a responsive website. Which means your customers can easily access and buy from them on their smart phone, tablet or any of the devices they own.

This comes as no surprise! Considering the goldmine on these devices and the visitors accessing the internet from their tablets and mobiles is growing.

In the past web designers had a serious challenge ensuring proper functioning and maintenance of the website across different web browsers. But the advent of smartphones and users friendliness has changed things for the better.