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Ecommerce Web DesignProfessional eCommerce designers & developers with over 12 years of experience building product-based landing pages and complete online stores.   

eCommerce Web design is very important especially in meeting the customer’s requirements as well as increasing sales and eliminating waste. This is because web design could make or mar the internet marketing strategy.  Ensure you patronize a web designer with a good track record who can design a website according to global best practices.

Security on WordPress and Hosting

A robust eCommerce website design must be security conscious. Security requirements will keep on changing and your website must keep on changing with the same changes, if you are to meet security standards. This means that the website must be in such a way that you can withstand any malicious code or threat.

A company which has a high value of using the WordPress features is more preferable since it will anticipate most security issues. Do you have what it takes to handle security issues? This is a very critical question in that; you need to determine whether it’s you or the web developer who will be handling the security for your website. And if its you, whether you will be comfortable with the security features being employed.

WooCommerce and Order Management

Woocommerce LogoBuilding a eCommerce site with WooCommerce is a game changer, especially with the totally free WooCommerce plugin. There are numerous WooCommerce plugins and add-ons available, to handle your order management.

Accepting Mobile Payments

online shopping carteCommerce on its own is short for electronic commerce, meaning the purchasing and selling of goods online. This means, eCommerce web design will involve design a website which will accept mobile payments.

This is critical to transaction services, how payments and deposits are made. Most of the eCommerce websites are set up to comply with responsive design thinking in order to make profits. And for them to be truly world class, a good eCommerce web design must have mobile payment capabilities.

Automated Fulfillments, Thank You Pages, and Email Notifications

There are several Plugins which helps you handle automated fulfillments, thank you pages, and email notifications. There are even some which identifies risky orders and holds them up to be reviewed. With MixMind Telephone Verification services included verification through a telephone is automated which saves you a lot of time and money. This verification ensures you that your customers have provided a valid telephone number.

Most of these plugins, addons and extensions work only if integrated with an existing WooCommerce installation.

Promotions, Coupons, Offers, and Deals

tablet-ecommerceYou can set up Availability Notifications in WordPress to have customized stock availability notification for in stock, low stock, out of stock, and back order.

There is also a Gift Card plugin that enables you to sell redeemable gift cards on your website. The gift cards represent actual coupon codes that are automatically generated and can be applied to any cart or product at checkout.

Gift cards can be sent to other people, and even your customers can easily email gift cards to their friends. You are able to set expiry dates and usage limits on gift cards and vouchers. The coupon codes are sent to users after payment is completed.

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