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The Story of Mint Media

The story begins in a Thai Jungle in the early 1970’s.

I’m dead serious.

mintleaf3Capt. Dan Adams was an American Ship Captain living on the island of Phuket, Thailand. During a trip to Singapore, he overnighted at a small hotel on the outskirts of the island. In the lobby was an unusual plant. He asked the lady at the front desk for a clipping and she happily snipped off one of the stems, so Capt. Adams could re-plant and grow his own. She noted that it was an extremely rare species, known by the locals as Pleu Shee and had been discovered by the hotel’s owner several years back in a Thai jungle.

Fast forward a few years…

Capt. Bill Gibbs was an American Ship Captain living in Annapolis, MD who regularly navigated ships through the Middle East, Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. Capt. Gibbs also had a very cute 3 year old son back in Annapolis who was destined to become a handsome, smart, and funny young man. (Sorry I had to).

In any event, during a visit to Norfolk, VA in the mid 1980’s Capt. Adams and Capt. Gibbs crossed paths. Capt. Gibbs remarked about the unusual plant that was “vining” it’s way up Capt. Adam’s office bulkhead. He proceeded to explain how he acquired it in the Thai hotel several years back. Naturally, Capt. Gibbs asked if he could take a clipping.

In October 2010, John Gibbs (son of Capt. Gibbs) was waist deep in building and launching a start-up Digital Media Agency. His parents were headed to South Carolina for the winter and asked their son to watch the houseplants while they were away. Since John was regularly spending 12-15 hours a day at the office, it seemed fitting to keep the plants at the office. Plus, it would liven up the place a bit. When the two houseplants arrived, John immediately noted, “What an unusual plant.” Capt. Gibbs proceeded to inform his son of the plant’s expansive journey across the world. Also, adding, “Be careful with this one. It’s probably the only one of its species in the United States. ” Duly noted.

A few months later, John’s parents came to pick up the houseplants. Naturally, John asked if he could take a clipping of the unusual plant.

It sat on his desk in a Red Solo cup full of water for several months until the clipping began to grow roots. Over those months, John’s company still did not have a name and the scheduled launch date was only a few months away.

One spring day in April 2011, he drew out a concept with a single green leaf twisted and bent with a touch of shine. The concept looked eerily familiar to that unusual clipping that he had cared for and unknowingly stared at hour-after-hour for months now. The idea of “Mint” shortly followed and then the Mint Media Agency was born.